Restoration Faith Ministries was born out of inspiration of the Holy Spirit to reconcile the whole world to Jesus Christ, to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth by demonstrating the power of God’s Spirit through the word of God, miracles, signs and wonders by the demonstration of the love of Christ to those that are hurting.

Our Vision

To establish God’s purpose for mankind through the word, the power of the Spirit and the glory of His presence.

Our Mission

To reach the unreached through the Gospel, sharing with them the love of Christ as demonstrated in the Bible.

Our Goal

Our goal is to communicate a gospel that relates to the totality of man, spirit, soul and body.


AT RFM all our activities are centred on exalting the name of Jesus, our activities as a ministry are in line with our mission statement, our vision and mission.

    Restoration Faith Ministries has embarked on various outreach programmes within...